Becoming You

True healing begins with YOU. 

My Treatments

Spiritual Guidance Session

  • Release judgments and negative self-talk

  • Shifting to a positive mindset

  • Developing a sense of empowerment 

  • Understand your true purpose

  • Uncover your internal blocks to happiness

  • Discover your own spirituality

  • Understand who you truly are

  • Learn to listen to your intuition

  • Healing past wounds

  • Manifest what you want in life

  • Find appreciation and joy 

  • Navigate difficult life challenges

Astrology  Reading

Astrology impacts so much of our daily lives. When we bring awareness to how the sky is impacting our energy, we can use that to gain a deeper understanding of the cycles we are going through. I will teach you how to use your birth chart to discover a greater self understanding of your soul. 

Energy Healing 

Session may include:

  • Energy healing, upgrading.

  • Chakra calibration.

  • Blocked or dis-eased energy removal.

  • Past Lives Healing

  • Upgrading all grounding anchor points

  • Present- Now healing.

  • Relationship Healing and Energetic Cord Cutting 

  • Physical systems healing 

  • Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine energies 

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“Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.”

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