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Accepting what is without resistance to control is something I’m learning daily. Some days it is harder than others, but at the end of the day, acceptance is a lesson that strengthens our trust in the unknown. The unknown is scary for our ego because our subconscious wants us to live in the familiarity of our past, even if that no longer serves us. The resistance we experience when we accept what is changing to occur is natural. After a period of resistance comes growth. Leaning into acceptance means we trust ourselves to carry us through periods of change, stillness, and release. We know that there is always a reason for what’s occurring in our lives because when we have an open consciousness, we can receive the gift that comes with acceptance. We are the observer of the change. We understand that it is not happening to us, but for us. We can see it happening and allow it to occur without our need to control and hold onto what was.

Accepting feels like a breath after a period without air - going down to the bottom of the ocean and coming up to the surface and finally gasping for air. Acceptance is a gift we can all give ourselves when we feel like life is out of our control.

Self Inquiry:

Where am I trying to force something that is ready to change?

How can I lean into accepting what is out of my control?

What can I do to instill a deeper sense of self trust?

Reminder: There is nothing we have to do, nowhere we have to be. Change is occurring every second of the day without us even realizing it, so allow it to occur, and see how acceptance brings you the life that aligns with your soul's purpose.


Close your eyes.

Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly.

Witness the sensations that arise when you allow your body to breathe and beat without your conscious mind doing anything.

Breathe into your belly and bring your breath into your heart.

Let the energy cycle through your body and expand outward.

Repeat until you feel grounded in your body.

**When we are anchored in our body, we have a stable foundation which allows us to handle life’s ups and downs.

With love,


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