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How to Incorporate Grounding Into Your Daily Routine

  1. What is Grounding?

In electrical terms, it is a conducting connection between an electric circuit and the Earth or some other conducting bodies. In psychological terms, it is a feeling of self-awareness and is the very foundation of the consciousness of one's own self. Francesca McCartney, the author of Intuition Medicine the Science of Energy states energetic grounding means to "establish a connecting awareness in the unity of body, mind, and spirit". Just as a surge protecter directs excess energy into a grounding circuit and down into the Earth where it is neutralized, establishing an energetic grounding connection allows excess or aberrant energy that enters your personal space to be released and neutralized back into Earth.

When you create a strong grounding connection, you provide yourself with a stable base from which to operate in the world. Most people operate with an inconsistent grounding connection. The first step in learning to ground more consistently is to become aware when you are ungrounded. Below I have provided a list of of how to feels to be grounded and ungrounded.

How to feels to be grounded:

  • Calm

  • Confident

  • Physically coordinated

  • Mental clarity

  • Reaching goals with ease

  • Synchronicity enters your life

  • Warm feet and legs, good circulation

  • Strong Low back and abdomen

How it feels to be ungrounded:

  • Anxious

  • Unsure

  • Bumping into things, stubbing toes, Accidents happen frequently

  • Unable to concentrate

  • Reaching goals is a struggle

  • Cold feet and legs, poor circulation

  • Low back pain or soreness

Things that enhance grounding:

  • Physical activities

  • Being in nature

  • Walking

  • Earthing

  • Massage, body work

  • Being around grounded people

  • Being with people who respect who you are

  • A balanced diet

  • A fulfilling career

  • Artistic expression

  • Meditation

Things that weaken grounding:

  • Sedentary activities (TV, movies)

  • Being inside for extended periods

  • driving

  • Stress, Pain

  • Being around ungrounded people

  • Being with people who are controlling of you

  • A nutritionally deficient diet

  • Working a job you dislike

  • Boredom

The Importance of Grounding

Intuition & Grounding

  • Grounding helps calm and settle your energy

  • Connects you to Earth

  • Creates a feeling of safety , clarity, self assurance

  • Being centered and grounded puts your body in a constant state of emotional healing and awareness

  • Health Benefits: adds electrons to the body, which are antioxidants

Gravity Grounding

The force of gravity helps you experience and strengthen your personal grounding connection/ gravity is the force that attracts terrestrial bodies to the center of the earth

  • Ill health and dis-ease develop when something interferes with our earth grounding ( chemical, electromagnetic, spiritual, or psychological ---> diminishes the flow of life energy)

  • Theory of Vivaxis: individuals establish a grounding connection with earth at birth

  • The grounding vivaxis is like a umbilical cord that keeps your energy tethered to the Earth’s magnetic field

Grounding through Visualization, sensation, and sound

  • If you think, affirm, intend, and visualize that you are grounded, then your energy will be grounded

Images to help you during your grounding meditations:

  • A redwood tree

  • A mountain

  • A ships anchor

  • Beams of light

  • An electrical cord plugged into a socket

  • A waterfall

  • Steel beams

  • A cascade of diamonds/crystals

  • A pyramid, sitting on top it it

  • Niagara falls

  • Liquid terra cotta

  • A brilliant rainbow

  • 2 connecting magnets connecting you to earth

  • Being within a waterfall

  • Sitting on top of a mountain

  • Being surrounded by a tube of golden light

Grounding Energy Follows Sound

  • Sound wave energy tapes are a designed system of sound harmonics that stimulate and balance various levels in the human energy field

Grounding energy follows feeling

  • You may also try feeling that you are grounded

  • Experiment with psychometry by using your hands to feel your connection to earth with the energy through your hands

  • Earth takes away energy that is out of harmony with who you are, and you receive energy from earth that is nurturing and protective

  • Add sound “om” or “love” to enhance this connection

Grounding Energy Follows Visualizations

  • Energy follows thought, affirmation, intention, & visualization

  • Think, affirm, intent, & visualize you are grounded to earth

  • Whenever you want to be grounded, using specific visualizations helps you remain grounded

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