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I. / spiritual guidance session

  • Release judgments and negative self-talk

  • Shifting to a positive mindset

  • Develop a sense of empowerment 

  • Understand your true purpose

  • Uncover your internal blocks to happiness

  • Discover your own spirituality

  • Understand who you truly are

  • Learn to listen to your intuition

  • Healing past wounds

  • Manifest what you want in life

  • Find appreciation and joy 

  • Navigate difficult life challenges


  • Insights in your unique Birth Chart 

  • Understand your innate character and how you can use your Birth Chart as a guide in this life 

  • Understand how your Birth Chart can show you your deepest desires, gifts, and show you the road to navigate inner blocks and challenges 

  • Astrology can help you understand what current season of life you are in

  • Current transits and moon progression chart 


  • Session may include:

  • Energy healing, upgrading.

  • Chakra calibration.

  • Blocked or dis-eased energy removal.

  • Past Lives Healing

  • Aura Cleansing 

  • Present- Now healing.

  • Relationship Healing and Energetic Cord Cutting 

  • Physical systems healing 

  • Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine energies 

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